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About Oatwood

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Why Vintage Hand Planes?

One of my earliest memories is sneaking into the toolshed at our family home and picking-up my Father’s Stanley No.3 hand plane.

As my fingers gripped the wooden tote, I felt the heft of the tool in my hand and the urge to push it through a wooden surface. It just felt right.

A short time later, I ran the end of my finger the wrong way down the sole and in so doing, learned a very important lesson about sharpness.

Now, almost half a century later, I still have my Father’s No.3 (no, it’s not for sale) and each time I pick it up, I get the same ‘fizz’.

You see, I absolutely love hand planes. No other tool feels as good in the hand. No other tool fills me with quite the same urge to create. No other tool inspires me with the passion to tastefully restore so that it can be used again for the purpose it was designed for.

The older the better. Many of these tools were made a century or more ago. They were built to do a job. They were built to last. And there’s no reason whatsoever that they couldn’t be put to work for another 100 years, or more.

What other tool could you say that about?

Stanley Bailey No.4
Record No. 5½ Jack Plane

My Restoration Process

Not every tool for sale on this website has been through my restoration process.

But to help you make a choice, every item in the toolshop does have a description that tells you what has been done to the tool during my ownership.

For those that have been through my restoration process, the exact details of the work carried out will vary from tool-to-tool.

Usually this is based on the age, patina and the general condition of the tool.

Paul owner of OatWood


I’m Paul…

… and I’ve been buying, restoring and selling vintage hand tools (mostly vintage woodworking planes) for many years now.

I first started posting my work on Instagram (@oat_wood) a few years ago and have been lucky enough to participate in and learn from a fantastic online community of fellow vintage tool enthusiasts.

I’m passionate about collecting and carefully restoring old hand tools so that they can once again be put to good use. After all, they’ve stood the test of time and that’s what they were made to do!