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Vintage Stanley Bailey No.6 Fore Plane (USA)


  • Made In USA
  • Only light restoration required

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This is a vintage Stanley Bailey No.6 fore plane / jack plane / jointer plane. Made in USA with blade stamped ‘Made In USA’. Featuring a hardwood tote and knob. Ships to UK.

The Stanley Bailey No.6 is a general purpose bench plane ideally suited for truing-up stock. It is an important tool in any woodworker’s toolbox.

Length: 18 inches
Blade Width: 2-3/8 inches
Construction: Cast iron, hardwood tote/handle & knob
Finish: Japanned

This plane is in ORIGINAL CONDITION – meaning it has been cleaned and oiled but has not gone through my full restoration process.

Will you be the one to put it to good use…?

The photos are part of this item’s description so please ensure you study them carefully.

For more pictures/video of my vintage hand plane and woodworking tool restoration process, please see my Instagram feed: @oat_wood

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Adjustment Knob







Light Restoration Required

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