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Vintage Record No.A151 Round Faced Adjustable Spokeshave


✅ British made
✅ Fully adjustable
✅ Retains some of its original decor stickers
✅ Light refurbishment required


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This Record No.A151 round-faced adjustable spokeshave is made from cast iron with a red finish. Fully adjustable cutting depth using the knurled nuts.

The blade can be accurately adjusted by turning the two knurled nuts situated just above the top of the blade. Each nut moves the blade on that respective side upwards or downwards as the nut is turned.

The blade is secured in position by placing the bottom eye of the lever cap through the securing screw and then sliding the lever cap downwards so the securing screw is positioned in the top eye of the lever cap.

Once the lever cap is in position and the blade is in the required position, the lever cap is locked in place by turning and locking the knurled locking nut located at the top of the lever cap. This process is reversed for removing / loosening the lever cap and blade.

The spokeshave is usually used with the cutter set in the bevel-down position with a good sharp edge.

As used by Paul Sellers!

Adjustment Knob



Light Restoration Required

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