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Vintage Millers Falls USA No.16 Adjustable Throat Block Plane


✅ Low-angle block plane
✅ fully adjustable (including throat)
✅ Brass depth adjuster
✅ refurbished and ready to use

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This Millers Falls USA No.16 block plane is a low-angle, fully adjustable block plane ideal for finishing work. It has a hooded lever cap with a smooth dome on top

There is a thumb/finger imprint on the outer edge of both sides of the plane to offer extra grip and control when planing.

The model number of this block plane is discretely inscribed on the side of the plane.

Millers Falls planes are a quality product and quite rare in the UK.

Adjustable throat with end and side adjustment of cutters. Cutters one solid piece of fine high carbon steel. Cast caps with lever cam lock. Bottoms and sides nicely polished. Inside of bottoms finished in glossy black enamel.

The bevel of the cutter of a Block Plane is on the upper side and the iron is set at an angle of 20 degrees to the bottom.

They are used for working across the grain and many other places where a light plane, easily controlled with one hand, is a convenience.

Adjustment Knob





Full Restoration Completed

Made In


Iron Width

1 ¾"